Signs That Show That Your Employer Is an Abuser

Abuse in workplace has been there for a while now. Cases of workers with severe injuries and others who have not been paid are common. Realizing that, the government has come up with rules that protect the employees from abusive employers. Job abuse is everywhere, and it can happen to anyone. You will never get the perfect employer.

work, abuseJob abuse does not only happen in the form of physical harm, but it could also be social, emotional and psychological. If you are a worker in a foreign country, there are ways to detect an abusive employer and if possible stay away from them. Do not wait until they intimidate you.

Below are some common indicators of an abusive employer. Be cautious and walk away before things get out of hand. Read on.

  1. Unwanted physical contact, unnecessary and inappropriate comments and other treatments that do not feel right and which are prohibited by law.
  2. A yelling employer. An employer who yells at you either behind doors, in front of others with the intention to degrade you. Such an employer will always say things that will make you feel inadequate, incapable and worthless.
  3. If they collect your visa or passport and keeps it out of your reach.
  4. A too demanding employer. This might seem normal, but an employer who asks too much of your output might be abusive. At times you will try your best only to realize that they do not see it as enough.
  5. If he says terrible things about people when they are not there. Possibilities are that he or she will backstab you in your absence as well.
  6. employee, stressedWhen he asks you not to talk to your family and relatives even during breaks. Some go as far as collecting your phone. Others will forbid you from going out or talking to other people even coworkers.
  7. An overly controlling boss. Someone who monitors all your moves and always checks what you are doing might be abusive.
  8. If he asks you to work overtime or on your rest day.
  9. If he or she invades your privacy. They might tamper with personal details or matters and listen to your private conversations.
  10. If you are always stressed about work, then there is no doubt that you are not comfortable and that you are being abused.